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Den Haag. Nederland

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Description of the relationship with Ilse

Did I see a blossom Returning to her branch? Ah - ’t was a butterfly

Moritake (1472 - 1549)

It was march 2001 that I met Ilse. Via Erik-Jan Ligtvoet I had asked her if she wanted to teach ice carving workshops in Madurodam. After a working session, that took a bit longer than planned, we met a very worried Craig outside. It was then that I heard that Craig had been having trouble swallowing for a while then because of a thick obstruction in his throat. Soon after that obstruction turned out to be cancer and a couple of months later Craig died. Understandebly I hardly heard of or saw Ilse for some time. And it therefore pleased me immensly that a given moment Ilse asked me to participate in this project. At that moment I thought: Gosh, how special is this live beautifull!

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