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Description of the relationship with Ilse
Well, how did our relationship came to be? First, I got to get to know you via my job. In fact as one of the many artists I am in contact with. One way or another there was something there - call it chemistry or otherwise - that, for my part, made the contact more natural, easy going and hearty. Because of this the relationship developed into one that goes beyond the purely business one. Speaking for myself for a moment, I suspect that it is a combination of pure intuition let’s call it the ‘cool chick’ feeling, and the appreciation of your boundless energy, your commitment, your input and loyalty. This sounds perhaps a bit too positive, and you may ask yourself how much of it you can take seriously. But this is the way I perceive you and, with a few little things I can not label, we come to a friendship tie. So, it is something like that !

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