Beroep/bezigheidSenior practitioner in social work - based in a family centre
Woonplaats & land

Sheffield - England

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Friends with : Craig  / Dave  / Helen  / Hugh  / Ian  / Jean  / Kate  / Linda H.  / Serge  / Stuart
Lover of : Anthony

Description of the relationship with Ilse
My relationship with Ilse is through Anthony and Craig and this is represented in my collage. The story began in Liverpool (we lost touch in ’82, the met up again 6 years later, thanks to Helen! And have been together ever since.) and Craig while we attended C.F.Mott college. The house, garden and pond belongs to Anthony and I and is where Craig frequently stayed to help restore and decorate or just to relax and have fun. My first meeting with Ilse was at our house in Sheffield. She visited several times with Craig and more recently on her own. The images of Portmeirion are to represent the Welsh connection. Our friendship with Ilse continues.

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