Beroep/bezigheidColwyn Bay, North Wales, Great Britain
Woonplaats & land

Colwyn Bay, North Wales, Great Britan

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Serge
Daughter of : Hugh
Niece of : Gary  / Jan W.
Sister in law of : Kate  / Rob
Stephdaughter of : Jean
Stephsister of : Janine
Aunt of : Bianca Jean
Sister of : Craig  / Derin  / Stuart

Description of the relationship with Ilse
I am Craig’s sister, Ilse’s sister in law. Ilse is also a close personal friend, she is a treasured and much loved member of my family, a bright rainbow on a rainy day, and an inspiration to all of uss in dealing with the tragig loss of Craig. She was his, his one true lobster and I thank what ever gods that may be for the day that she walked into his and our lives, and the fact that she continues to do so. * The photo I chose is my passport photo, whenever I show it it means I’m off to an adventure, it is also the same photo that is on my drivers license, my Diving instructors card and in my partners wallet. This photo has given me the licence to travel this planet by land, air and sea, from the jungles of Thailand to the depths of the murcky North Sea, and allowed my partner to remember what I looked like whilst I’m away. A true passport to the bright side of life.

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