Geboortedatum11-09-1957 (yep...ik weet het...)
Beroep/bezigheidGraphic artist and typesetter, main occupation: to have a good time!
Woonplaats & land

De vijfde dimensie (5d) Ivanhoe road, Aigburth, Liverpool, Mersyside, l17 8XE, Aarde, het zonnestelsel, het universum & een huis

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Description of the relationship with Ilse
Good grief! Well, she’s a dangerous sister, a dear friend, Tankgirl, Pippa Longstocking, all rolled into 1. I first met Ilse at the Glastonbury Festival in 1998, at a stall, surrounded by a sea of mud! She was with my fellow conspirotor, merry pranker, court jester, and college collegue, Craig Davis. We have since crossed paths on several occasions, some very happy - yin & yang - some very sad. The reason why I gave the particular photo of myself was fairly blatent. I posed for a portrait, plus, I liked the way the photographer had caught the faraway, wise, distant, thoughtfull look in myt eyes! Last year(2002), Ilse came over to the artistic Festival in Liverpool, held on bi-ennial basis, it was really fantastic - how Ilse managed to make me walk all over the city, in hot weather, without stopping off for a pint untill 5pm! Wich reminds me, don’t you still owe me a recipe or two? Finally, I would always encourage Ilse to take her idea’s & let them fly high. Having already seen some of her other artwork, I wish Ilse all the very best in the fullfilment of her ambitions, and that some of it rubs off on to speak!

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