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Den Haag, Nederland

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Friends with : Esme  / Jan S.

Description of the relationship with Ilse
We have met each other for the first time during the meeting of ver. Stand at the 26th of October 2000, at Spui 260 in Den Haag, (probably at 18.30 hours) I wanted to try working in a studio and had the permission of the members of Stand to share the attic with Jan. Because there was a leackage right above my painting I fled to the first floor, the same floor as Ilse. She hasn’t worked there a lot or for long anymore because of the illness and passing away of her lover Craig and because she could optain a permanent studio: that is why she moved to the house where she now works. The studio still needs to be built in the awsomnly big garden, but with all her tools and the knowledge she got from Craig and her father, that won’t be a problem. So I don’t know her that long or that well, but we are getting to know each other better now. I think that she is a woman that will rather stay a girl, but is still able to lead a group of individual and subborn artists who all have their own opinions and backgrounds. She needs a lot of attention, but is quite able to work on her own in a studio. She is a initiative taker, a persister, hard worker and perhaps a perfectionist...hmmm, just like me. We do take after each other a lot, we could therefore go on and on till eternity with our conversations.

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