Beroep/bezigheidTeacher of biology
Woonplaats & land

Teacher of biology

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Bente  / Lilian  / William
Married To : Gerald
Sister in law of : Hans Peter  / Marieke

Description of the relationship with Ilse

I know Ilse via Gerald and Marieke, so only in the outer rings of the circle. An extra contribution to your project is this poem by Toon Tellegen. It is called “ Something happend.”

‘I love you!’ I stopped. It was twilight. The voice came from the left. I looked left. I saw nobody. I looked behind a tree, under a bush, over a fence, I stood on my toes, climbed a ladder, looked everywhere. Nobody. ‘I love you’, softer now, but with even more emphases. It was a clear voice. But whom was it calling to?

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