NaamLinda H.
Beroep/bezigheidDirector at an English language school
Woonplaats & land

Huelva, Andalucia, España

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Anthony  / Craig  / Serge  / Steve  / Sue
Lover of : Dave

Description of the relationship with Ilse
The chain of events wich led me to meet and get to know Ilse started in Thailand in 1984 when I met Dave. From Dave, I was introduced to his wide circle of friends. Craig was one of these and had a legendary reputation. We met up with Craig quite regulary over the years, although moving to Spain in 1990 meant that we started to see less of him. Then we heard he’d met a lovely new lady called Ilse and had moved to Holland to be with her and was extremely happy. We got to meet her in 1999 when tehy drove down to Southern Spain from Holland (via the Guggenheim!). The White Elephant sign they had made for us, and brought with them on that trip, still takes pride of place in our ‘bodega’ downstairs. I feel very privileged to be part of Ilse’s exhibition and look forward to meeting up with her again.

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