Beroep/bezigheidJuristic co worker
Woonplaats & land

Oldenzaal, Nl

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Lover of : Freddy
Mother of : Bas

Description of the relationship with Ilse

I am the second love of Freddy. First there was Ilse. When Freddy talks about you, there is a sparkling in his eyes. I was never bothered by this. I see you as a honest and truthful person. I can well imagene Freddy falling for you. I do not see you a lot, but when we see each other I feel positivity and a lot of energy.

I have chosen the Ying-Yang-symbol. You, but us too, are always busy trying to find new equilibriances. Some times that works fairly well, other times it goes with ups and downs. The colours stand for our positivity and endurance to make life work. The black line around it holds it all together. It expresses the emotions that sometimes throw us off balance. That the Ying-Yang-sign has been torn out symbolises our fragility.

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