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Utrecht, Nederland

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Stefanie

Description of the relationship with Ilse
We know each other from the academy and ofcourse through Stefanie. Like I know you: Ilse, filled to the brim with ideas and organisational talent. A funny example of your perseverance: You were once at queensday in Utrecht and there you spotted an big old cashregister. The thing is unbelievably heavy but you want to use it for a project or something. There we are, in the middle of a very crowded, hot flea market... But Ilse organises something, orders a cab and leaves that evening with this heavy price piece back to Den Haag. (where you used it with succes) Our roads and the ones of Stefanie and me have now turned in other directions. I have sought for a fitting symbol to illustrate this. It is a labyrinth in the form of a four leaved clover. Things that happen, circumstances, make that you take another route. But it all evolves around one centre, we are, after all, all (each in his own way) busy with the same things.

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