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Sheffield - England

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Lover of : Sue
Son of : Betty  / David

Description of the relationship with Ilse
I was born in Aldershot - Hampshire, England - and grew up in a village nearby. When I was 19 I went to Liverpool to study Art and Geography. A great time was had in Liverpool and firm friends were made... of whom was Craig. This was to be an enduring friendship, with us retaining contact over the years that followed. During the 90’s Craig would come on regular jaunts to Sheffield - to spend time with Sue and me and help us renovate our house. I recall vividly the time that Craig went to Glastonbury and ended up meeting Ilse. - Craig had been on his own for some time and his general sadness at this state of affairs was beginning to tell. Talk about a quatum leap... Ilse put a grin on that man’s face that seemed about a mile wide. It was great to see him so happy. We felt that he had found his soul mate. Soon the day would arrive when we would be able to meet the instigator of the mile wide grin... Ilse came over to England (and more importantly, Wales!) to visit us all and we became good friends. Tragically Craig left this world before his time, but I feel that we retain our link with him through Ilse. Time moves on and our friendship with Ilse continues. We share a commonality in our art and I am proud to be invited to take part in Ilse’s project. In my piece I have attempted to represent the relationship between Ilse, Craig and myself. It is an image created over a span of time - the words written in the immediate past - superimposed onto a background created some years ago, and chosen as it was done in Holland - when Sue and I visited Sue’s sister in Den Bosch.

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