Beroep/bezigheidDirector of Importante, Women’s information Point / Centre for Emancipation
Woonplaats & land

Den Haag, Nederland

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Abeba  / Erik-Jan  / Ingrid  / Quinten  / Stefanie
Lover of : André

Description of the relationship with Ilse
I met Ilse in the building where she, together with other artists (among wich my boyfriend, André Kruysen), had a studio. I shall never forget the photograph of her with her friend Stefanie. It was hung up on the door of her studio, and I was very intriged by it. What else shall I remember Ilse for? Bright colours: bright colours in her clothes, bright colours in her hair, fierce hairstyles. Sisyfus labour: the immensly big linocuts at the Atrium, Craig, her visit to the exhibition of André in Antwerpen, Erik-Jan and Stefanie, the drama of moving house. We do not see each other weekly, but I am glad to know her.

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