Beroep/bezigheidEnvironmental specialist and a father.
Woonplaats & land

Oldenzaal, Nl.

Other relations within CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
Friends with : Cobie  / Kees V.
Married To : Mariëlle
Father of : Bas

Description of the relationship with Ilse

You had the honour to be the first person on this earth that I really fell head over heels in love with. That love is now for Mariëlle, but when I meet you I still get a positive feeling.

This warm feeling does not stand in the way of my love for Mariëlle. It is more like it makes it stronger. You can compare it with the love for our children, wich only has a positive effect on our love for each other.

The text with the”drawing” derives from the above and from the sientific fact that time is relative. The knot symbolises the infinity of love and the idea that nothing is impossible. Therefor: keep on searching for solutions and believe in yourself.

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