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Description of the relationship with Ilse
I had already spotted you years ago at the Academy in Utrecht. Tough and sturdy with the head directed a bit to the ground, I can picture you walking through the Academy building. I can’t remember anyone next to you. A real loner, is what I thought then. Not for me, I thought, she is too angry at the world and probably has no room around her for friends with a less outspoken opinion. There may have been elements of the thruth of those days in my prejudice, but the part of you being unfit for me is absolutely wrong. I think your wonderful and am very fond of you and apreciate your friendship more and more every time we meet. The yearly ”big brother Adventure” has brought us together. Each year we are shown each others best and worst sides. The work itself isn’t exactly satisfying, but each year I am still looking forward to working with you, to hang out in the bar and talk about all sorts, while we drink ourselves silly on tea. My other prejudice of then has turned out nonsense as well. You are an example to me in how you can still be open to friends while you yourself feel incredibly lousy. I am looking forward to getting to know your other friends through this special project. Unfortunately it is not possible any more for me to get to know better your best friend Craig. That is a real shame, because your stories and your art shows that with him a very special friend has been lost. Ilse, I hope that we, together and with your other friends, are going to have many more special moments. Lots of love, Froukje. The story of the picture. 17-03-2002, Utrecht. When you asked me for a favourite photograph of myself and I read what you wanted to do with it, I immediately thought of these photo’s. I didn’t know them very well really, since they weren’t even in my posession before 3 weeks ago. And now I am already giving them to you. They have a special value for me because of the value I know they had for somebody else. The observing of somebody, secretly taking a peek, as we can all do at all your friends when your work of art is finished, brought me to these pictures. The story behind them is the attempt of Oliver to have a reminder of me after a very fun week staying over in his apartment in New York. I, in my turn, did the same: I just had to film him before he left for his parents in Luxemburg. In the 8 following months we have looked at and fantasised about each other by looking at the picture and the video. When we finally got involved in Tahiti, Oliver told me that, by looking at the picture, he time and time again was reminded that he really should take action to get to know me better. I am now wondering if he would have taken action if he didn’t have this picture to remind him to do so. On the photograph you can see me and in my video vieuwer you can see the middle man, my cousin Leonard, who has brought his two friends Froukje and Oliver together in New York. In the background you can see Oliver. The video is even more sneaky. As my nephew is talking straight in the camera about the special week in New York the three of us are having, it becomes painfully clear that while Leonard at that moment is totally focused at the camera, Oliver and I only have eyes for each other. Savely behind the shoulder of Leonard we both stare at each other. I am very curious how this photo works when other people are looking at it. It feels like the Droste box; a picture inside a picture.

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